We sell new and used books on just about every topic you can imagine. Our used books are well organized, reasonably priced and are generally in very good condition.

Occasionally we’ll have a beat up version of "On the Road" or "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" on the shelf because, well let’s face it, if you’re hungry for either of those books you probably don’t really care about condition. (And shouldn’t those two books look as if they’ve been down a long and dusty road without a helmet, anyway?)

Our new books are also well organized and are always in excellent condition. We specialize in books that don't turn up used often enough to please us. Therefore we have books on Bigfoot, Bukowski, beer making, fairies, ganja, sex, native plants, mushrooms, herbalism, and sustainable living. We also have sublime and subversive fiction by authors like Palahniuk, Miller, Kerouac, Welch, Vonnegut, Moore, Pratchett, Robbins, Saunders and Delillo. And we can special order just about anything that's in print.


In the far back room of the store, down the twisting aisles, up the ramp, tucked between the art books and the home do-it section is our growing collection of vinyl LPs. Heavy on the rock, jazz and soul, we work hard to bring you some choice music with that comforting Hi-Fi hiss.

Music Accessories

Didn't expect to find a music store within a bookstore did you? Somehow we've found a way to cram in an inordinate amount of great stuff for musicians. Need a book on how to play that new guitar? We've got it. Need strings for your ukulele? We've got em. Need a tuner? Reeds for your sax? Drumsticks? A book of favorite wedding songs? A DVD on playing flamenco guitar? Lee Oskar harmonicas? Look no further. The Book Juggler is your man. (And just so you don't forget it, we've got our own customized guitar picks. They make the rock more real. Ask for one with your next purchase.)


Game much? We have a hand-selected collection of our favorite table-top games for those moments when you don't have your nose in a book. We currently stock Catan, Carcassonne, Pandemic, Ticket to Ride, Firefly, Exploding Kittens, Bang, CodeNames and more. And for the younger gamers we also have the best selection of Pokemon in the hood.

The Book Juggler
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